Prácticas en el Reino Unido e Irlanda

We are The European Student Placement Agency, based in Bath, the United Kingdom. We provide quality internships for European students throughout the UK and Ireland for the minimum period of 6 months. Our host companies do vary from world-known corporations to fast-growing start-ups in wide-ranging sectors. Important to highlight, we do not charge any placement fee to students or Universities. The benefits for students are; paid accommodation, paid utility bills (electricity, gas, water, and council tax), Wi-Fi and commuter travel to work all sourced and managed by ESPA. There is no salary over and above the benefits offered unless specifically stated.


We aim for students to have equal access to opportunities that would offer them the necessary professional experience;  The vacancies we offer, help  students with extended high-level job experience in demanding positions that will sharpen their skills, enrich their CV and establish them in their work area enabling them to launch their career.


Here you have some of our current vacancies:

You can also visit our website to have access to all of our vacancies.

More information:

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